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My intentions behind starting a blog and what I want to achieve with it :)

I have the idea since a while to start writing a blog. But as with many other things its quit hard to really start with it. There are two reasons why I’ve do it so late. The first one is obviously – will someone read what I’ve written and how should he find my thoughts about certain things. The other one is that English is not my native language, so I’m pretty sure to make several grammatical mistakes. But I found out that these two things combined are not that worse. Because nearly nobody will really read my first blog posts, but if he still reads it, it’s for the actual topic and not for 100% grammatical correctness. On the other hand I will automatically improve with time. This will allow me to write better understandable explanations of complicated topics.

Let’s come to the “what I want to achieve with it”?
Beside the improvement in English writing, there is also some sort of knowledge transfer to other developers out there. I have to use and experiment with different technologies at the university and at work.  These can be another Spring feature or something more complex like the integration of graph database like neo4j.
The internet is full of tutorials, but I think there is space for improvement and what I miss in many cases is runnable code. So my goal is to always provide a fully running version on my github account ->

What’s my plan for my first blog entry and when I plan to publish it?
It’s my personal opinion that the motivation to do something is much higher if someone else knows that you do something at a specific time. So I always try to make some sort of forecast when I write my next blog entry about a specific topic to motivate myself. So I really plan to release my first blog post no later than this Sunday – yes the “this” is really important 🙂
It will be the first one of a little series which should end in an application which compares neo4j with a relational database. The first one will start with something about spring boot. I’m not sure how much about the whole topic I will treat in this post -> we will see 🙂
I also plan to have always some sort of grammatical focus for myself, but I think this part remains hidden.

So have a nice day unknown reader 🙂


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