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Monthly Archives: September 2014

How to configure Spring Boot with JPA and multiple projects

Its a common case to split up a project into multiple sub projects with a project containing classes used in multiple projects.
This is a fairly simple task related to dependency management, but can lead to problems in combination with Spring and JPA. I will explain you in this post what needs to be done to get everything up and running.

I recommend downloading the source of this example before you start. Link to the repository blog_springBoot-jpa-multiProject direct link to the source zip source-zip

Content of this post

  • Project structure & Gradle setup – A minimal setup to show that the approach works
  • JPA Entity and Repository – A JPA Test entity and Spring Data JPA repository for db interaction
  • Spring Boot Application configuration class – Set the Spring scan packages
  • Database configuration – Set the JPA scan package

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