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My start with Neo4J and what you should consider when starting with it

I had to develop an application which collects real time data from twitter and stores them into a graph database for a university lecture. I took it a little bit more serious than necessary to dive deeper into this technology and to find the limitations of my approach. My submitted project was far more than necessary, but I knew that it couldn’t run in a productive environment. The reason for this was not enough time to rewrite the whole database model at the end and a problem definition for which Neo4j was just the wrong technology.

I start with a project setup which uses Spring Boot and Spring Data Neo4j, after this I tell you what you should consider in my opinion when starting on your own.

I recommend downloading the source of this example before you start. Link to the repository blog_neo4j-spring-boot direct link to the source zip source-zip

Content of this post

  • Projekt setup with Spring Boot, Spring Data Neo4j and Spring Data JPA
  • What you should consider – in my opinion
  • Further reading and references

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