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Bootstrap an application with Spring Boot – Part2 Web application

Welcome to part 2 of “Bootstrap an application with Spring Boot” which is about web applications with Spring Boot. I use the source code from part 1 as basis. You might want to read part1 before you start with this post, because I don’t repeat explanations from part1.

Web application with Spring Boot

As mentioned in part1, most examples for Spring Boot are web based applications. I’ve read many different ones. Most of them tell a different story. I try to give an easy setup for your application which works out for me. I use AngularJS in this post, but keep in mind that this post is not about AngularJS and I just use a minimal approach as an example for possible front end technologies.

I recommend downloading the source of this example before you start. Link to the repository blog_springBoot-web direct link to the source zip source-zip

Key points of this post

  1. Build- and Dependencymanagement -> build.gradle -> in the project root
  2. Application configuration ->;; application.yml
  3. REST-Interface -> HelloController
  4. Testing -> HelloControllerTests
  5. Deployment

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